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Rev. Wilma Ivelisse Reyes

Pastor Wilma Reyes is a Licensed Local Pastor with the Florida Conference of the United Methodist Church. She is the proud mother of two young adults, both military veterans: Joel David, and Nicole Marie.

Wilma was born in Puerto Rico. Her involvement in ministry training traces back to 1984, when she became the leader of her high school’s Christian youth group. This was only the beginning of 30 plus years of connection to diverse areas of ministry which included district youth leader, member of the board of a Christian fraternity in college, leader of short term mission trips in the same fraternity, missionary in Peru, teacher in a two-year Christian leadership training program, pastor in Puerto Rico, and later ordained minister in a local ministerial association on the same Island.

Wilma’s was called to ministry during her first year in college, interrupting her plans to become a doctor in medicine after being accepted in a fast-track medicine program at the University of Puerto Rico. After two years of discerning her next steps, she transferred to a local Bible College where she earned a Bachelors in Pastoral Studies with a minor in New Testament Biblical Interpretation. She continued her studies at a graduate level and completed a master’s degree in Pastoral Counseling, majoring in behavioral modification.

Notwithstanding her extensive studies, she understood the Lord had a further calling in her life, and in 2003 joined the United Methodist Church, where she immediately felt at home with its missional focus and social justice tradition. A year later she was awarded a scholarship to begin her seminary studies at United Theological Seminary, Western New York Campus, becoming the Student Pastor at Primera United Methodist Church in Buffalo, NY.  After relocating to Florida, she served at First UMC, St Cloud, while continuing her seminary studies at Asbury Theological Seminary where she completed a master’s in divinity.

After working for six years as Administrator at First UMC St Cloud, Wilma received her first appointment to Wildwood United Methodist Church. A year later, she would serendipitously be appointed as lead pastor at her home church, First UMC St Cloud, where she served for three years. She now not only serves as lead pastor at Killian Pines United Methodist Church, but also works as Fresh Expressions Cultivator for the East Central District of the United Methodist Church.

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our faith


We are a United Methodist congregation who holds fast to the teachings of The United Methodist Church. We believe in the God who created the world and all that is in it. We believe that Jesus being both fully human and fully divine is the incarnate embodiment of the fullest expression of God’s love alive in the world. We believe that the Holy Spirit guides us and empowers us along the way that leads to life. We believe in the Triune God recognized as: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

We believe that the Bible is the inspired word of God and hold fast to the teachings of both the Old and New Testaments. The gift of God’s Grace is center in our life and teaching. We believe that the life, death, and
resurrection of Jesus reconciles us to God, each other, and all of creation.
Our life together is ordered around the living of the Kingdom of God realities, so that we might be  partnered with God in rising Heaven all around us here on the earth.

our mission

Our purpose as members of the Killian Pines United Methodist Church is to nurture, support, and sustain ALL persons in their search for a closer relationship with God and His Son, Jesus Christ. We are a fellowship of believers who are working in the service of God with our goal to provide a setting wherein each person will be accepted, receive encouragement, hear the Good News and live it, enjoy fellowship with one another, learn to share his/her gifts (talents), experience faith in action, and know that she/he is a beloved member of the Family of God.

Through our daily life and action we seek to be witnesses for Jesus Christ by our regular attendance and sharing our time, talent, and treasures. We want to strive always to carry out the work of Christ in our community by reaching everyone in all corners of the world.